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insulation under garage slab

“Pinning the apron to the slab is just doweling some #4 rebar into the garage slab at each door,” writes Dave Richeson. I can't imagine that the perimeter on that side can be thermally broken like the sides adjacent to the exterior walls of the garage can be broken. “I always order a low-water mix with a plasticizer, less water in the batch is a lot better IMO,” he writes. I'd think foam on the exterior of the foundation & in the house would be more of a problem than foam under… (I get to feel green that way.) "Do you have similar temperature information to what Dick is reporting?". Creating an insulation layer and a vapor barrier between the concrete slab and the ground beneath it is the best practice in insulating basement floors. Lack of foundation insulation on below-grade and under slab projects can account for up to 25% of a structure’s total heat loss. Two of the rigid foam insulations most commonly used below grade and under slabs are expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS). Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. How to Insulate a Garage Floor Above a Concrete Slab. Similarly: Is the garage door sealed well enough that if the heat were to go off for a few days, you could plausibly count on seasonal-average-soil-temperature heating? Lance, There is no insulation under the slab. He’s also adding #3 rebar 18-in. Average PIR insulation will easily support normal garage loads under a 150mm slab. XPS has a higher initial insulating R-value than does a similar thickness and density of EPS, but the R-value of XPS degrades over time. In other words, fine sand mixed with 15% 1/8" gravel will be able to not wash into 1/2" stone but will wash into 3/4" stone. The foam only slows the rate of transfer, so without heat being added by the unused pex tubing, I suspect the neutral temperature of the slab and soil is buffering the dips in temperature. FHA shallow frost protected design allows 12" frost non susceptible fill over adequate insulation on the interior to count as frost protected, and is accepted in it's updated (details are a bit different) current form: ASCE 32. The doors all face south and the sun load here is quite high. Do you have similar temperature information to what Dick is reporting? The slab is isolated from the garage apron at the door openings and the two sides of the garage not sharing contact with the house. Insulation below the slab suits continuous, low level heating, gradually warming the thermal mass of the concrete and sustaining it at a consistent temperature. These all assume that the existing floor of the garage is a solid concrete slab and any irregularities in the floor do not exceed 5 mm over a 3 m straight line. Image Result For Slab On Grade Garage Foundation Rigid Insulation Pouring Concrete Slab Home Construction . XPS has a higher initial insulating R-value than does a similar thickness and density of EPS, but the R-value of XPS degrades over time. I believe annual ground temperatures are generally in the 40’s here, so with good perimeter insulation the slab could potentially stay above freezing on it’s own. Where does the vapor barrier go under an insulated, heated floor slab? EcoFoil Under Slab Insulation has a compression strength of 140 PSI. See the link below for the original (free) document. A good insulation package is a must in our climate, and we’re always looking for sensible, practical applications for spray foam. “I live in CT,” he says. Using rigid foam insulation around the perimeter of the slab to minimize heat loss seems like an obvious step, but whether to place insulation under the slab is another story. Slabs that include embedded hydronic tubing for radiant heat always need a continuous layer of horizontal insulation under the entire slab. The doors face south so even in the winter, the door side of the apron is probably not as cold as the parts out 12' . Old detached garage – stucco and slab below grade. I had intended to trim the foam and pour in some of the crack sealant sold for patio cracks or the better quality concrete sealer in caulking tubes. Insulating below slab-on-grade foundations. before the concrete is poured. Get home building tips, offers, and expert advice in your inbox. I would point out that if the heat goes off for a few days then a cold garage might the least of your concerns. The best material is something like the structural fills called out by the state and federal DOT/HWY manuals. I also put in pex for possible heating. Fdn Detail Garage1 Garage Slab Floor Plans . Not having the insulated slab "sweating" with seasonal changes is enough reason for me. Still as I have noted in early comments it rarely goes below 40 and mostly hovers around 50. Slab-On Grade Insulation Slab-on-grade floors are prefered by some builders and are common in certain geographic areas, like the southern states, where slabs help keep a home cool in hot weather . Probably a good call, as you can see the apron and slab are holding position quite well. The renters went off on a ski trip for a long weekend without remembering to close the door. “Concrete at 3,000 psi distributed across a metal plate say 8×8 gives you a lot of capacity when you think about it,” clewless writes. https://southern-energy.com/slab-insulation-techniques-guide Here’s the plan: Use a 4,000-lb. But when adding insulation to an existing slab, the vapor barrier is laid over the top of the slab before the foam insulating panels are installed. Really you can forget the imposed vehicle load and just work out the concentrated load - which should be minimum 9kN for vehicles up to 2500kg. Neither was I or the landlord. perimeter slab insulation Heat Loss through an Insulated Slab Windows 33% Roof/Ceiling 8% Slab 15% 6 Doors 5% Walls 39% Insulation and Fenestration Criteria Table 402.1.1 ... are in contact with, or placed within or under the slab E202. Jul 15, 2020 - Explore Building Supply Stop's board "Under Concrete Slab Insulation", followed by 113 people on Pinterest. 140kPa is the same as 140kN/m² - which is a considerable load. I may install a minimal amount of PEX tubing in the slab even if I choose not to insulate; the cost would be minimal and would offer the option of heating it occasionally even if I didn't use that as a primary heat source. If your region is especially humid in summer, a dehumidifier will both warm and dry the air at a relatively low cost if the space is properly air sealed. No math, no measuring—just a simple jig made from an elastic band is all you need to lay out a good-looking deck railing. That decision may hinge on whether the slab is heated, but there’s no agreement on what building codes require, if anything. The above-grade insulation needs to be protected from UV radiation and impact damage. “Generally speaking, however, the only place underslab insulation is required is when the slab itself is heated. Maybe this weekend. Insulation located below grade, as required in Climate Zones 4 through 8, should extend the length specified in the table by any combination of vertical insulation, insulation extending under the slab, or insulation extending out perpendicular to the building Insulation extending perpendicular away from the building should be protected by pavement or by not less than 10 inches of soil. The garage insulation levels are modest compared to the house,R-19 walls, R-20 roof. I took the temperature of the slab and the foundation perimeter both near the garage doors and back near the wall shared with the house. I faced a similar decision when building my own garage in Vermont. Why insulate under a slab on grade foundation? The house walls are R19 batts in 2x6 with 2" iso sheets on the garage side with FireRock over that. As long as I don't ding it with the snow shovel it seems to do fine. Dick, thanks for the excellent report! For comfort, and to save money, that's why! Concrete Slab Insulation Amount, Placement, & Vapor Barrier Placement for (Solar) Radiant Heated Floors, What insulation thickness is needed under a passive-solar heated slab floor? “If you need bearing locations for the lift, you could cut out small areas of the foam where the lift will sit, but that’s probably not necessary, and if you really want to know you will need an engineer to look at the loads and the slab performance.”. Martin: I was planning to have vertical insulation on the inside of the garage foundation wall, going at least four feet below grade. (BTW I like to thicken the slab at the door openings). About six feet out from the house wall the slab reads 47F. Otherwise you will lose energy through the edge of the slab and any masonry exposed above grade.”, Not so, says davidmeiland. Even with a cool slab I think I'd be OK in the summer months. Why insulate under a slab on grade foundation? This is also an easy thing to add down the road if needed. Thanks to all the foam being outside of the sheathing I think it is safe to guess that the functional whole wall value is close to R-19 including air film effects. Courtesy of Insulfoam. “Also, if in doubt, simply cut away the insulation around your mounting area and thicken the slab …standard detail for column support in the center of a slab.”. The basic concept is that the building should have continuous insulation all around the structure. Slab On Grade Attached Garage At Apron Google Search . Not too bad when you consider that finishing your garage will increase your home’s resale value . They both come in various rated compressive strengths from 10 psi to about 80 psi. The exterior temperature at the time was 30F, the air temp in the garage was 45F. The cars come and go just enough to keep things above melting points which sometime is quite messy. - M.K. Hope the pics posted help you in figuring out your garage design. We are building in climate zone 5 - we are considering options for insulating the garage slab/floor. Although both are closed cell insulations, they perform very differently over the long term. I don't know what level of ZipR you have chosen, so it maybe a good idea to batt the inside and sheetrock the entire garage. Slabs also have an advantage when it comes to reducing air leakage, although it’s still important to seal penetrations where pipes, wires and ducts enter the conditioned space. Spray Foam Insulation | Benefits of Under-Slab Spray Foam Insulation We are sure that many of you are wondering why it is necessary to insulate the under-slab. I see this thread is a bit old, but I now have three years experience with a zone 6a/b build that might be relevant to your question. EPS insulation in an under-slab application. Here’s what he had to say: First, absolutely nuke the sand layer and go with free-draining 3/4-inch, no-fines gravel as a capillary break. I chose to insulate the exterior of the entire house/garage foundation with reclaimed XPS. Also, the seeming inconsistency of R value for the walls of the garage is due to remembering I have 4.5" total foam on those walls thanks to the fake stucco base foam. The interior face is cast with a ledge so that the interior vertical insulation can be concealed under the 2x6 framed wall. I am likely seeing losses via the rebar and contact I make with the foundation at the openings. We are also insulating the ceiling as well. Although both are closed cell insulations, they perform very differently over the long term. One option for insulating on top of a slab is to apply rigid foam insulation directly to the slab,... Framing. Rebar should be elevated by 1 1/2 in. Q. Get complete site access to expert advice, how-to videos, Code Check, and more, plus the print magazine. The manufacturer’s call for 4 in. The first thing to consider when looking into different types of concrete floors is why it’s so important to insulate the floor slab. Concrete Slab Insulation Specifications for Solar & Radiant Heat Floor Systems Where should floor slab insulation be placed to avoid heat loss? FAQ: Why Do Some Builders Avoid Foam Insulation. thick in two of the bays, and up that to 6 in. I should take some temperature readings and post those for your information. EPS insulation in an under-slab application. “Any help will be appreciated.”, First, get rid of the sand The walls are a total of 4 1/2" of foam outside of the sheathing so roughly R16. This patented product is a modern solution for your radiant floor, basement floor, garage, driveway and metal building floor. The coldest I have seen the garage temperature go, after a few days of nighttimes at or below zero, is 32-33. Re: Is it worth it to insulate under a concrete slab? Slab edge insulation keeps heat in or out of a house, depending on the climate and the season. The best material is not washed crushed stone unless you have filter fabric and can't be sand unless the slab is more than 5" thick due to subgrade modulus trouble. Figure 4-14 illustrates a slab-on-grade with a concrete foundation wall. Get good garage doors, pay attention to the seals and mounting, and be sure to check the seals on fire rated doors between house and garage. The inside perimeter at slab/stone level was 1" xps board cut into 8" strips which included the door openings wall. That was no issue until now because it always an unheated garage. Up to 80% of heat loss in a floor slab occurs around the edges. I manage the meltwater issue by scooping up the melting snow shortly after it falls off the cars with a shovel. lift of washed 3/4-in. For my application, perimeter insulation might be handy, but probably not complete slab insulation under the garage portion. Q.How much insulation is necessary under a typical radiant slab? It can be a bit slippery to conclude how much the losses I am suffering from using only 1" blueboard to make the break. If ground under the home is cooler than the basement temperature, which is the case in almost every climate year round, heat will naturally try to escape through the concrete slab. in the third day where the car lift will be located. In this webinar, building-science expert Peter Yost will share what he's learned over years of using blower doors, IR cameras, and other diagnostic tools so you can make the most of your test results. For comfort, and to save money, that's why! Reflectix and similar reflective / radiant barrier products provide almost no insulation under or on top of a concrete slag -- just R-1 for Reflectix. Use of any material over or next to a finer material must be considered against fines migration. Insulating properly below-grade, can help prevent total structure heat loss and reduce heating and cooling bills by 10-20%. EcoFoil Under Slab Insulation makes your home or commercial structure energy efficient and more comfortable. EPS does not experience such “thermal drift,” and the reported … That’s the problem with sand. “I have installed dowels through the door form boards and stubbed them into the apron area but it is a real PITA to wreck forms if done that way. There is a 2" XPS foam layer inside the short foundation walls, right down to the footings, protected by 1/2" Durock and capped by 2x6 to cover the top of the foundation and dadoed to capture the top of the Durock.

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