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telecaster pickup height

Removing the pickguard to access the Tele pickup height adjustment screws. Adjust the pickup height. This isn't particularly necessary for humbucking pickups but you may still notice it from time to time purely for aesthetics. I've heard, however, that Fender's instructions regarding proper pickup height is incorrect. By adding a middle pickup in between the Neck and Bridge pickups of a Telecaster, you can get more of that traditional Strat ‘Quack’ out of your Telecaster. Nashville Telecasters are an interesting hybrid of two of the most popular guitar styles out there. ... Strat and Tele-Style Pickups. Fat & punch, searing sustain. Adjusting Pickup Height on a Stratocaster. Undeniable Tele® muscle. Mon Open. But specs change and sometimes change means design compromises. Using a 6" (150 mm) ruler, measure the distance from the bottom of the first and sixth strings to the top of the pole piece. Hours. In this article, we are going to help you to find the best pickup height for your specific needs. Attention has been paid to the typically Telecaster top end but the neck pickup, with its nickel covering, produces a warm, rich sound. Each pickup is unique in structure and performance. Adding a Strat middle pickup. Stratocaster/ Telecaster Pickup Height Adjustment Screws. The final thing to consider when ordering a new set of Tele pickups is combining alnico V slugs in the neck with alnico III in the bridge. Telecaster® Adjustment And Care. For the sake of this demo we’ve shown you how to solder a plastic baseplate lead pickup … 12 Staff Sgt Pendleton Way, Yakima, WA, 98901, United States. You could also request 43 AWG wire for the bridge pickup, along with flat slugs for an even frequency response with fuller bass. 1” and “Adjusting Stratocaster Pickup Height, Pt. Another good way to access Strat tones from your Tele is to install a third pickup in the middle position. Tech Support: (718) 816-8112 General: (718) 981-9286 Toll Free: (800) 221-6468 Fax: (718) 720-5296 509-426-5151 hello@lambertones.com. With this twister pickup you can give out a much powerful sound that will add to the general energy of the music. These pickups are overwound to give a fatter sound with more attack. I don't have B.K.P in my current Telecaster ( a Baja ) - but a gap of 1.6mm ( between low AND high 'E' string held down at the 21st fret and the top of each pickup ) - always worked magic for me, on whatever Telecaster - and whatever pickups. Here are our picks of the best Telecaster neck pickups that are ideal for vintage-voiced chimes, that P-90 bite, or heavier modern tones. Testing and Adjusting To start with all you are going to really need is a Phillips head screwdriver. Pickup Height Screw (2) For Stratocaster and Telecaster. You’ll still feel the Tele snap and twang, but with a nice, round warmth added in. The middle pickup, based on a '63 Strat pickup, uses specially treated alnico magnets and is reverse wound to cancel hum when used with the neck or bridge pickup. As with all truly fine Tele sets, my pickups certainly do NOT suffer from this lack of Tele bridge spank! Use the figures above as a guideline for minimum string-to-pickup distance and adjust things according to what you hear. Adjusting height is easy. Built with alnico 2 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire, and ideal for blues, rock, pop and country. The ’64 pickups feature a copper backplate on the rear of the lead pickup, which saves a step. It's a given that the bridge will be the heart of the sound, but our Telecaster pickup sets are designed to give you an additional tonal counterpoint in the neck and middle positions. Fender Tim Shaw V-Mod Strato Pickups. Measuring pickup height in relation to the open string may result in certain notes fretting out in the higher frets. Set of automotive feeler gauges (.002-.025) (0.05–1 mm) 6" (150 mm) ruler (with 1/32" and 1/64" increments) (0.5 mm increments) That combo will turn any Telecaster into a … As far as "general" pickup height is concerned, I like to set mine up so it "pushes" the amp a bit. Brent Mason did this on his No. All you need is the appropriate ruler and a Phillips-head screwdriver. The neck pickup is based on a '54 Strat pickup with oversized alnico 3 magnets. The vintage pickup has a very sharp yet clear sound. Say, for instance, your customers are shouting for a twenty-second fret. 2 screws. 2.” Though these guidelines were ostensibly written for Stratocaster pickups, they apply perfectly well to Telecaster pickups too. LAMBERTONES, LLC. Well, it’s all reasonable on a vintage-style Tele. Fender Telecaster - Position of the Pickup Height Adjustment Screws . The bridge pickup is where you get the true Tele sound. Nashville Teles offer a Telecaster body and feel, and Stratocaster pickup layout. Never one to waste a thing, Leo snipped the Broadcaster part off of his headstock logos to produce the '51 era guitars Tele geeks describe as "Nocasters". The TL;DR story on pickup height is don’t put them too close to your pickups. Note: These specifications are meant only as a guide; they should not be construed as hard and fast rules, as we realise that every player's subjective requirements often differ. If you want Strat pickups with way more output and a decidedly "growly" sound to them, Fast Track pickups by DiMarzio work great. I just received a set of Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups for my birthday. By 1952, Fender settled on the name Telecaster for its two pickup solid body. The neck pickup is a little underwound so it isn't as dark as some tele necks. Sold as a pair. Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele Fender’s own solution to getting Strat-like clarity from a Telecaster neck pickup involves a taller bobbin, alnico V magnets, 42 AWG wire and a nickel silver cover. Our philosophy on Telecaster pickups is to open up their potential. Voice 2 – Black-Guard. And so, setting the height on a P-90 is a lot more like setting a humbucker than it is a Strat/Tele pickup. Some other effects cannot be described using this … and we’re upgrading to some swish ’64 Telecaster pickups. The standard way to measure your pickup height is to fret the guitar at the highest fret and measure from the top of the pole piece to the bottom of the string. I really don't understand were guys are coming from say they are thin or weak. Once again, many folks do it the other way around, but I believe my setting results in a much more balanced and uniformly useable bridge-position. Turn the adjustment screw one way and the pickup drops. That way when the volume on the guitar is wide open I can vary my picking attack as I please so that even the lightest picking results in subtle but profound nuances, but then I can also back the guitar's volume off as I hit the strings harder (especially for all out strumming). Les Paul Set too high, pickups can cause myriad inexplicable phenomena. Tools Needed. Submitted by gpadmin1 on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 22:10. The patient of choice is a Fender ‘Tele-bration’ Bamboo Tele (a bit of a rarity!) Contact Us; DiMarzio, Inc. 1388 Richmond Terrace PO Box 100387 Staten Island, NY 10310 USA. On the High-E, we might suggest you move it just a tad closer (say 1/64" on each pickup). Fluence Signature Greg Koch Gristle-Tone Pickup Set features: 1 lead and 1 rhythm direct replacement pickups for Telecaster® guitars; Completely assembled, pre-wired, drop-in control plate that includes: – …

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